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A Message from the Cubmaster...

Although there are many things, activities and events competing for a young boy's time, with the exception of Church and School, in that order, the next best activity that the young lad can get involved is the Scouting Program.  What the program can do for the growth and development of a young boy is limitless.  There are principals and skills taught there that can be utilized throughout his entire life.  I have observed so many boys grow into productive young men due to their involvement and participation in Scouting.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Boy Scouts of America, our Council, our District, and our Pack. The Okefenokee Area Council includes Packs and Troops located in Appling, Bacon, Brantley Camden, Charlton, Glynn, Pierce, Ware and Wayne counties in South Georgia. Our council, as do all BSA councils, depends heavily on volunteers. In addition to the officially registered leaders, the council depends on an additional unknown number of volunteers who help on an as needed basis. Pack 472 has several "officially registered" leaders serving the pack and the boys from. Most of these are den leaders, a position that requires a great of deal time, including planning, den meetings, and den outings.  We need den leaders along with assistants to the den leaders.  Rather than ask the den leaders to take on the additional Pack Leadership roles, we really need the help of other parent volunteers to head Pack events and committees.


I am asking for new parent volunteers to step up and help with some of the Pack Leadership roles.  Some of the positions we need help with are listed below:


Positions Needing Volunteers


Den Leaders

Committee Members


      Some of you may have concerns about volunteering, such as;

            I don't have time - Your participation can be as involved as you’d like. We are always in need of people that will coordinate a particular event to lighten the load on the leaders. You may work with one of  several other people as co-leaders.

            I don't know how to get involved - Contact me or another leader and we will help set you up.

            I don't want that much responsibility - We can work with you to find a responsibility level that is comfortable to you.

            I don't want to get into a long-term commitment - We will work to accommodate you and your needs. We have short-term roles (such as coordinating an event like an athletic event or day camp) that involve a short-term commitment and other roles (such as Quartermaster, Advancement Chairman or Popcorn Kernel) that involve a longer commitment.

            I'm not sure I have the knowledge or skill. - There are many experienced leaders that will work closely with you and the Okefenokee Area Council offers training courses on a regular basis at our Roundtable meetings and elsewhere. I attend Roundtable every month and can help get you started.


I strongly encourage you to consider volunteering for one of the many positions identified above.  Our Pack is only as strong as our volunteers.  With your help, we can be assured that the program we put on for our sons is one of value and interest to them and one that we can be proud of.


The greatest gift you can give to your son is the gift of your time.


Yours in Scouting,

William A. Bowers, Jr., Cubmaster




Last Modified: 02/10/2013